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Jerk who slugged firefighter in Vancouver is an equal opportunity offender. Watch him swing at cops.

See earlier video of firefighter getting punched

UPDATE: Check this link sent in by a STATter911.com reader who asks the question is this the guy?

If you saw the video we posted last night of the guy slugging the firefighter in Vancouver after the Canucks loss (click here if you didn't) you will want to check out this video at 1:57. Thanks to reader Jason Low for finding it and bringing to our attention (BTW, Fire Cricket Rhett Fleitz has now twice called STATter911.com readers "trolls" but we will have more on that later).. It appears to be the same guy swinging his purse at police. Let's hope he wasn't separated at birth from his twin and there's only one of these jerks roaming the streets of Vancouver. Good catch Jason.

Same guy? Looks that way to me. At left is from his swing at a cop and the picture on the right comes from his attack on the firefighter.

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