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Busted: Driver of ambulance running red lights & siren on pet calls in Louisville, Kentucky.

Steven Lowery says he was on an emergency run Monday evening. A report of a dog that had been struck at Preston and Cooper Chapel. To get there he turned on the lights and sirens of his ambulance that is part of his firm called Metro Medical. Here's what Lowery told WDRB-TV about Metro Medical:

"It's Metro Medical. We do drug testing. We also do emergency critical care, pet transportation,"

Behind the drug testing mobile/pet ambulance (wouldn't it be nice if he added pet detective too?) was someone authorized to use lights and siren. But Officer Dale Elliott says he couldn't get Lowery to stop and gave up … for the moment. The officer eventually caught up with the ambulance at Lowery's home where he arrested Lowery and impounded the rig.

As for the call that Lowery was on, pet ambulances suffer the same problem that the ones carrying humans do. Lowery says it was a false call.

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