Facebook fine: Paramedic and lieutenant in Memphis suspended over posting of young patient's picture.


The Memphis Fire Department calls it a violation of department policy. A lieutenant snapped a picture he says was for training after an unusual rescue of a five-year-old boy who had a nail attached to a board embedded in his head. The lieutenant says the photo was snapped for training purposes. A paramedic posted the picture to Facebook. Now they both have received four-hour suspensions.

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By the way, the irony of this story is not lost on me, so I figure I should mention it before any of you do. By doing this story the TV station makes sure many, many more people see this picture than saw it on the paramedic's Facebook page. In addition, the identity of the child, not made apparent by the picture that was posted, is now clearly known to all (with the permission of his parents).  Doesn't excuse anything, but is interesting.