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UPDATE TO THE UPDATE – Music video: 'My Knee Hurts Now' on 911 abuse has been reposted after earlier removal.

NOTE: The video has been reposted to YouTube along with the lyrics. At 9:40 PM, I received the following comment:

Hey Dave,
I've reposted the My Knee Hurts Now, with a "fluffier disclaimer"
Thank you so much for spreading it out!


NOTE: At 3:59 PM, shortly before the music video above was removed from YouTube.com STATter911.com received the following comment:

Hello everyone,
Well I come to you again but this time with bad news; I was contacted by some Union reps and in the light of all the politics going on currently involving people trying to attack our pensions, I have been asked to remove this video from YouTube.  Sorry this sucks but it's the world we live in and I don't want to give any of these politicians any ammo to take what we've worked so hard for.  Again thank you so much for watching and enjoying, you can view my other videos on my YouTube Channel at fb5786, and look for more coming your way.
Thank you,

Brent also provided his explanation in the video below:


My Knee Hurts Now, Diary of a Mad Firefighter, from Plugs and Hoses Records was uploaded to YouTube on Saturday and was made for a department banquet. It is described this way:

The typical 911 call that comes in after midnight about something that has been bothering the person for a month or so. It never fails and no matter how minor it is they always want to go to the hospital and they absolutely can not drive themselves.

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