Must see video: Neighbors help man rescue his wife from Spokane, Washington fire. Husband never makes it out.

Still pictures from fire

This is early video from witnesses to a fire Sunday evening in Spokane, Washington that took the life of a man identified as Perry Herriman. Herriman was found on the top floor of a three-story home at 1914 West First Avenue in the Browne's Addition neighborhood. The fire was reported just before 8:00 AM. The house had been divided into about ten apartments.


Neighbors and firefighters used ladders to rescue several occupants that had escaped the fire by exiting on to the front roof of the home.

Authorities said the fire was so intense that once fire fighters reached the second floor of the home they actually had to leave and enter from another area because of safety reasons.


According to neighbors the man who died carried his wife and passed her out the window to neighbors on ladder and saved her life. Fire investigators say the building has 3 floors with a basement and 10 apartments. Firefighters report the fire started on the 2nd floor.