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Raw video: Car falls as NYPD ESU tries to raise it off motorcyclist. Controversy in New York over man's death.

Both the FDNY and the NYPD were on the scene of an accident in Brooklyn yesterday that is making headlines in New York. It happened around 8:45 AM
on Loring Avenue and Forbell Street in East New York when 21 year old, Karam Rampersaud, on a motorcyle, was run over by a Ford Taurus and became trapped underneath the vehicle.

From the video it appears an NYPD Emergency Services Unit crew member is handling the lifting of the vehicle when the car suddenly comes back down.

Police and fire officials have been giving indications to reporters that Rampersaud died from the injuries during the original crash.

From a New York Post article:

The car was about four feet up,” said witness James Selder, 41.

“Then the car just dropped right back down. Right on him. Everybody in the crowd screamed.’’

“A firefighter cursed at another guy and yelled, `What are you doing?’ ”

Crystal Robinson, 43, heard Rampersaud moaning.

“After the car fell on him, he didn’t make a sound,” she said.

Rampersaud died at Brookdale Hospital.

Video shows an NYPD Emergency Service officer raising the back of the car with the hydraulic jack, which fails almost immediately.

A police source said both departments had put chocks in place, that kept the car from crushing him. They said he died of injuries from the crash.

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