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Sleep tight & don't let the …. Sorry, too late for Montgomery County, Maryland firefighters. Bed bugs at three stations.

From WUSA9.com:

There are 35 fire and rescue stations in Montgomery County.

Assistant Fire Chief Scott Graham says three of them are crawling with bed bugs, but Graham would NOT reveal which three stations are having the problem.

Today, 9 News Now obtained this internal memo sent to all county fire personnel, by chief Richard Bowers.

He calls the infestation a very serious issue, and includes information about how to keep bed bugs out.

Like inspecting bunkrooms and living room furniture.

And cleaning personal linens daily– including sleeping bags.

But could first responders– such as paramedics treating a bed-ridden patient– transfer the bugs to that person's home?

A board certified Entomologist with American Pest says it's possible– but it's NOT likely given the precautions the Montgomery County Fire Department has taken.

Graham says the department doesn't want to dwell on the bed bug problem because.

"It's not a health problem," Graham said. 

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