UPDATED – No surprise: Media asking questions & Macon-Bibb County chief looking for answers in gunman scaring rookies prank. Chief is 'deeply saddened' by video.

Earlier coverage & comments about this video

It is rare that you find near unanimity in the STATter911.com comments section, but this video from Macon-Bibb County Fire Department's Station 108 has done the trick. So far today, with more than 60 comments, there have been three major themes:

1. This was a bad stunt to even think about performing.

2. It was a terrible idea to have a camera rolling while this was going on.

3. It was even a worse idea to post the video to YouTube (and with credits!!!). 

The video was added to YouTube Sunday evening, removed about 12-hours later, and then reposted by someone else. In the meantime, besides being seen on STATter911.com, FireCritic.com, Firefighter Nation and now Firehouse.com, it also caught the attention of the local news media this morning. They have been in touch with the fire department and the mayor's office. 

In an updated more detailed article for Tuesday' paper here's what Macon.com reporter Amy Leigh Womack got from Chief Marvin Riggins and other city officials:

Riggins first viewed the video about 11:50 a.m. with Macon’s chief administrative officer, Thomas Thomas, and mayoral spokesman Clay Murphey.


It was clear that the video exhibited behavior “that would not be condoned in his department,” Murphey said of the chief’s reaction. “I imagine there will be repercussions.”

Riggins said he’s “deeply saddened” by the video.

“This isn’t the way we treat our employees,” he said.  Riggins said he didn’t know the identity of the original poster who used the online handle “FirefighterBoomer519.”

The department has policies prohibiting hazing and firearms, he said.

Macon.com also talked to County Commissioner Lonzy Edwards who heads the Public Safety Committee:

Besides the video seemingly showing public safety employees in positions of responsibility wasting time paid for by taxpayers, Edwards noted that it also comes at a time when Macon and Bibb County have been trying to find solutions to recent gun violence.

WMAZ-TV talked to the mayor's spokesman, Clay Murphey:

Murphey says the chief recognized several of the firefighters in the video, including a captain, and believes it is authentic.

At the end, it rolls a list of credits. Murphey says all of the names are employees of the fire department.