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NEW INFORMATION: Macon-Bibb County Chief Marvin Riggins says some could lose job or rank over rookie prank. Discipline could come as early as today. Watch press conference.

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Macon-Bibb County Fire Chief Marvin Riggins said in a Tuesday afternoon press conference that discipline that could include firings or demotions may come as early as today (Wednesday) in the aftermath of the video posted on YouTube Sunday evening of a prank targeting two rookies at Station 108. Riggins said five of the seven firefighters present were in on the hoax involving a man with a gun, but the rookies were not. The chief says he spoke with the two rookies. Riggins said while they were frightened they are taking the incident in stride.

WMAZ-TV reports the Bibb County Sheriff's Department looked into the incident but Sheriff Jerry Modena says no crime was committed.


Macon Bibb Fire Chief Marvin Riggins says some firefighters could lose their jobs or their rank over a prank video filmed in a Bibb County fire station.

Macon Bibb Fire Chief Marvin Riggins says he is "appalled" by a prank video filmed in a Bibb County fire station.

He said at least five firefighters were involved in the prank, which involved a hoax shooting staged at Fire Station 108.  He says a firecracker was used to simulate the sound of a gunshot.

From Macon.com: 

Firefighters talking outside at the Peake Road station where the prank was filmed went inside Tuesday morning when a Telegraph reporter and photographer arrived. Later, someone could be seen peeking through blinds at the front of the station.

Capt. Stephanie Burke answered the door and said that firefighters had been instructed to refer all comment to Riggins or the mayor’s office.

Although firefighters involved in the incident weren’t on administrative leave Tuesday, Riggins said he expects disciplinary action will be taken within the next 24 hours.

Authorities are still trying to identify the masked person seen in the video, and they are checking to see if that person is a Macon police officer or a Bibb County sheriff’s deputy.

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