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What's going on in Toledo, Ohio? Shots fired at two stations & bomb found at third.


Three separate violent incidents are being investigated at different area fire stations: Station 18 on Lewis, Station 6 on Starr, and Station 9 on South.

The latest incident happened Thursday outside Fire Station 18 on Lewis Avenue. WTOL 11 has been told a makeshift exploding device was placed in front of one of the bay doors, involving a bag of charcoal and a propane tank.

Firefighters found the device and called the police bomb squad to remove it from harm's way.

From The Toldeo Blade:

On Wednesday between 2:30 and 3 p.m. shots were fired at Station 9, 300 South Avenue.

Dan Desmond, vice president of Toledo Firefighters Local 92, said five shots were fired at the building, where he was on duty.

That incident was followed by a series of shots fired at the outside of Station 6 at 642 Starr Avenue in East Toledo at 4:30 p.m. that left a bullet hole in the glass garage door but missed the five firefighters inside.

Mr. Desmond said the three incidents have puzzled him, and he declined to speculate if they have anything to do with the contentious State Issue 2 or with the city’s recent announcement that the administration is cracking down on alleged abuse of sick time in the fire department.

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