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Raw video: Former Macon-Bibb County Firefighter Christopher Hughes continues to tell his version of the rookie prank that cost him his job. Claims captain asked him to bring in BB gun.

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Read Christopher Hughes' text messages about prank via Macon.com

From WMAZ-TV's Bernard O'Donnell:

Macon-Bibb firefighter Christopher Hughes, fired for his part in a videotaped hazing stunt, says he didn't plan the hoax shooting.

He says it was planned by fire Capt. Stephanie Burke, who now faces demotion and loss of 60 days' pay in the viral-video case.

Hughes spoke to 13WMAZ's Amy Aubert Friday afternoon. He said hazing stunts, like the Sept. 25 hoax at Fire Station 108, are not unusual.

He said, when he was a rookie firefighter, he was fooled himself by a similar stunt six years ago. He says that stunt was also planned by Burke.

He says this is one of at least three similar stunts in the department over the years, and no one was ever punished.

Hughes said he lit firecracker after being grabbed by the "gunman".

Hughes says he has text messages from Burke that show she asked him to supply a fake gun for the hoax.

Fire Chief Marvin Riggins says he fired Hughes because he supplied the weapon used in the video.

Hughes says he thinks he's being punished more severely because he's lower in rank than Burke.

On Thursday, mayoral spokesman Clay Murphey said Riggins was told that Burke knew of the stunt in advance, but Burke denied it. In any case, Murphey said, the chief believes Burke should have acted to stop it.

We could not reach Burke for comment. She has until Monday to appeal Riggins' punishment.:

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