Quick Takes: October 3, 2011.

Pre-arrival video at U.K. commercial fire: This is from a fire yesterday in Kidderminster that destroyed a furniture store and another firm. Read more.

Firefighter fired over prank tells his story: Christopher Hughes makes his case that the prank seen around the world was thought up by his captain. Watch the raw video from his interview.

Hero driver in fiery crash at race: Take a moment to check out this video and watch who comes to the rescue at Oklahoma Sports Park on Saturday.

Saying goodbye: Our friend Glenn Usdin at FireTruckBlog.com and the firefighters at the Lancaster Township Fire Department are dealing with the loss of Lt. Keith Rankin who collapsed at a training exercise on September 25. Our condolences to all. The funeral was on Thursday and FireTruckBlog.com has video and details on the life of Lt. Rankin.

Fire videos coast-to-coast: Watch a row-house fire in Washington, DC and a duplex with fire throughout in San Diego.

Still no ambulances for Detroit: Firegeezer is on the Detroit beat and looks at how no new ambulances have been ordered despite a pledge from the new fire commissioner to get 22 of them by January. It seems no one above the commissioner is pushing it forward and the banks aren't all lining up to lend the city money. Check out Bill's coverage.

FDNY's first transgender firefighter: Making news in New York is Brooke a third-generation female firefighter (Brooke's father is still on the job) now assigned to Metrotech headquarters. Brooke's previous assignment was as a male at Ladder 172/Engine 330 in Bensonhurst. The New York Post has the story.

Firefighter arson in Louisiana: Three former volunteers have been charged in 11 fires going back to February, 2010 in Livingston and Holden. Watch the story.

Tulsa chief keeps job but gets reprimand: Chief Allen LaCroix returned to work Friday after an investigation was concluded that brought the resignation of Terry Simonson, the chief of staff for Mayor Dewey Bartlett. Simonson's son received special treatment as he sought to become a Tulsa firefighter. Mayor Bartlett said the external committee looking into the situation called the whole episode "a mistake". While Mayor Bartlett announced the committee has declined to put its findings in writing, he believes this brings "closure to the situation" and "Tulsa can and will move forward". Here's the latest

Argument over paint brush cited in Baltimore tire shop fire: An employee has been arrested in connection with last week's three-alarm fire at a tire shop near Belvedere and Reisterstown in Northwest Baltimore. Click here.

There can only be one number one: T-shirts are on the line in a wager between the Philadelphia Fire Department's Engine 1 and the St. Louis Fire Department's Engine 1 as the Phillies and Cardinals battle it out. Here's the story.

Frying catfish takes out concession stand: Early video of a fire last Tuesday at the Ike Hamilton Expo Center in Monroe, Louisiana. Read the details.

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