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Must see video (sort of): Fire reports from a citizen journalist. At least he's not afraid to use the word firefighter.

I found this video of a fire on Monday at a restaurant in Ludlow, Massachusetts to be quite interesting. The man in the yellow hard hat anchoring the newscast is Kenny Rogers. I don't know if Lucille picked a fine time to leave this guy, but he is reporting from the man cave with Man Cave Headline News.

He doesn't just stay in the cave, we get to see Mr. Rogers' neighborhood in his video reports. A number of the reports are about fires. Below is one from a few weeks ago from a house fire in Granby.

Take the time to watch both videos. Rogers has quite a unique reporting style. A bit unpolished, but the good news is he calls the people who show up on the fire trucks, firefighters and not "safety personnel" or "first responders". So, he already has me in his corner.

I particularly like the personal information Rogers adds that give context to the reports like, "I was home, downstairs in my studio, playing X-Box Call of Duty Black Ops when a call came over my scanner … ". Sort of Dragnet-esque ("We were working the day watch out of auto-theft division"). And the lack of audio-video synch for the on-camera portion of the Granby fire reminds me of a Japanese horror film.

While I find the clips quite entertaining, I want you to level with me STATter911.com readers. Is this what you see me doing in a few years? Or is it possible I am there already? Give it to me straight. I can take it.

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