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Raw video: Two large buildings gutted in Fort Collins, Colorado three-alarm fire.

The video above helps show what happened in Fort Collins, Colorado early Monday morning. Around 3:30 AM, the Poudre Fire Authority responded to a fire at Mason Flats, a four story condo complex under construction. Before long the roof of a separate large building housing residences and commercial space, known as Penny Flats, began burning. 

Below is a short video taken by a person living at Penny Flats before that building was evacuated.

Below is nice quality video shot later in the operation, around dawn, by Aaron Cathcart of Cathcart Photography.

Here's an excerpt from a story today at coloradoan.com:

Firefighters continue to monitor the Penny Flats and Mason Street Flats buildings following the massive fire in Fort Collins that destroyed one and seriously damaged the other.

Investigators are set to begin their work in earnest today, scouring both buildings for clues about how the fire started in the under-construction Mason Street Flats before spreading onto the side and roof of the occupied Penny Flats.

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