FDNY Engine 158 opens up master stream to rescue NYPD. Cops caught in group of 50 teens.


Firefighters came to the rescue of two police officers outnumbered in Mariners Harbor today (Tuesday), in a scene so chaotic that New York’s Bravest employed a truck-mounted deluge gun — a water cannon — to fend off the marauding group of teens.

The scene unfolded at about 3:30 p.m. in front of 83 Harbor Rd., where a large group of teenagers had amassed to confront a teenage girl who lives in the residence.

By the time it was over, two officers were sent to Richmond University Medical Center, West Brighton, for treatment, and nine teens ended up under arrest, said Inspector John Denesopolis, the 120th Precinct's commanding officer.

From The New York Post:

“The crowd start[ed] to jump and start beating up on the cops,’’ one stunned Fire Department source told The Post.

That’s when a firetruck from Engine Co. 158 down the street from the Mariners Harbor home arrived, the source said.

Then one firefighter “got up on the deck gun, and he aimed at people’s legs and just nailed them with water and drove them back,’’ the source said.


It all started as a group numbering about 50 that started yelling. Someone called 911 and a couple of officers were dispatched.

They were apparently overrun by the crowd and the officers were reportedly knocked down.

It all unfolded on the same block as an engine house. The crew got in their truck and used the cannon to disperse the crowd. Back-up arrived and police reportedly arrested nine teens.