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UPDATE – More video from FDNY bail out: Rescue 2 firefighter in flames exits a Brooklyn brownstone. Five injured in Crown Heights fire.


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Update from The Secret List:

FDNY Firefighters rescued one of their own earlier, pulling him "on fire" from a Brooklyn brownstone. As members searched the Crown Heights dwelling for victims, the top floor of the 3 story dwelling on Prospect Place apparently flashed, trapping at least one Rescue 2 Firefighter inside. An aerial ladder was raised to the third floor window and another Firefighter at the top of the ladder helped get him out. The FF was burning and the FF on the ladder hit him on his back to knock down the fire.

The injured R-2 Firefighter was treated and taken to New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell with burns over 40% of his body, including his face, head and hands and is critical-but breathing on his own.The brownstone turned out to be empty as a family of 6 lives there but was not home. 4 other firefighters were hurt and are being treated at local hospitals-1 in serious condition and the other 2 stable.

At this time, 1 Firefighter has critical, 3rd degree hand burns and multiple other 2nd and 3rd degree spot burns (45% overall) and will be in surgery. The 2nd most serious Firefighter has several 2nd and 3rd degree burns and is doing well. 


Fire this morning just after 9:00 AM at 1102 Prospect Place has left two firefighters from FDNY in the Cornell Burn Center in serious condition. Three other firefighters were also hurt. Witnesses told Trevor Kapp and Barry Paddock of the New York Daily News that the top floor of the brownstone erupted in a fireball. It trapped at least one firefighter inside who came out head first and on fire. He is reported to have burns over about 30 percent of his body. Here's more from the New York Daily News:

“He was about to jump out the window,” said neighbor Joseph Ward, 29.

Rescue workers extended a ladder to the third floor window. A firefighter at the top of the ladder helped the trapped smoke-eater, flames shooting off his body, crawl out to safety.

Perched at the top of the ladder, the rescuer pounded on his injured comrade’s back to subdue the flames. Debris from the still-burning building showered down around them.

Click here for New York Daily News photos and story from this morning's fire.

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