The old fake fire hydrant trick: Water at Martha's Vineyard house fire delayed after firefighters hook up to an imposter.

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Oak Bluffs firefighters fought a fire at the corner of Spruce Avenue and Chestnut Avenue on New Year's Day, but their efforts were in vain. The first fire company arrived just before 3 pm, but a delay ensued when, firefighters say, they connected their hoses to an authentic-looking fire hydrant that was apparently being used as a lawn ornament.

From Martha's Vineyard Patch:

The hydrant, which was around the corner from the Jackson’s home, was inside a dog pen and the department has been getting a lot of criticism for not knowing it wasn’t a working hydrant.

“Folks are saying we should know every single working hydrant in the town, and I just feel bad for my guys,” said (Oak Bluffs Deputy Fire Chier Tony) Ferriera. “They’re all volunteers and it’s kind of hurtful in a way. They work really hard and they save the towns millions of dollars every year.”

From Martha's Vineyard Gazette:

“My guys wasted precious time hooking up to a fire hydrant that was nonexistent,” Chief Ferreiro said. “In a fire, time is everything.”

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