Quick Takes: January 9, 2012

Video & pictures from PA fire: This is from a two-alarm fire last Wednesday in Duryea (Luzerne County). Read details here.

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Clearly, you people really need to find something better to do with your life: Web traffic on STATter911.com for the past two months is up by more than 50 percent compared to the same time period last year. Despite the headline, I am extremely grateful for the support. Don't forget you can view STATter911.com through Facebook by clicking here and hitting 'like". We now have more than 5000 fans, but there is always room for more. You can also be among the almost 4000 or so who follow us via Twitter by clicking here.

Speaking of people who need to find something better to do with their lives, have you seen grocery-cam?: A Brooklyn man who thinks he's Mike Wallace and Morley Safer combined, armed with a camera, searching for public servants wasting your tax money. Thank goodness for a guy like this, because we all need something to laugh at. So, how does a fire chief handle the universal complaint about firefighters shopping for groceries? Click here, watch the video and read my thoughts.

How can 13 minutes be an 'acceptable' police response time to firefighters in trouble?: Would that be an acceptable response time to a police officer in trouble? I think not on both accounts unless this occurred in a rural area. But how about Detroit, Michigan? The Detroit Police Department told a TV station when asked why Detroit firefighters couldn't get a scout car to the scene when they were surrounded by an unruly crowd at a fatal fire that 13 minutes was acceptable. We have the audio of that incident and have a suggestion for better wording by police. Click here.

Have you seen this remarkable video before?: I am not claiming it's new, but I had never seen raw video of two men, reportedly firefighters, scaling the wall of a highrise to rescue a child from a burning apartment and tossing the child to people below. Check it out and let me know. (UPDATE – We found a better quailty version on the Russian website were it was originally posted. But there are no details with it that I can see.)

Fall from ladder kills Pompano Beach, Florida firefighter: Here's the latest on Friday's death of Firefighter William Elliott during an aerial ladder drill on the ramp of Station 61. Here's our earlier coverage.

Aerial ladder collapse injures firefighter: Glenn Usdin's FireTruckBlog.com has the story and video from yesterday of the ladder from a 1976 ALF 100 foot rear mount collapsing at a fire in Aliquippa, PA. There is also a link to a 1996 USFA report on operator training being a significant factor in the collapse of older aerial ladders. Check it out.

My favorite story in recent days: A nurse who lost her home in the fire last month that took the life of Peabody, Massachusetts Firefighter James Rice, has named her daughter, born last week, in honor of the fallen firefighter. Please check out this one.

Video of local government official being rescued from her burning home: Check out this fire from Huntingdon, Pennsylvania where the woman making it out of her bedroom window just in time is the Huntingdon County clerk.

Stockton on offense and defense: We ran two videos of the Stockton (CA) Fire Department in action in recent days. Stockton FD, has been on a roll with our fire critics (not to be confused with THE Fire Critic, please!) since a house fire video we posted a month ago. The most recent video is a fire that required a transition to defensive operations (click here). The earlier one was not quite as stubborn and was knocked down rather rapidly (click here).

Brother of David Rosenbaum doesn't like either shift for DC firefighters: Marcus Rosenbaum, whose brother David's death spawned a task force on EMS in the Nation's Capital, thinks 24-hour shifts for firefighters must go but also points to studies showing Chief Kenneth Ellerbe's 12-hour shift plan is a "horrible idea". Read the latest opinion piece on this topic in The Washington Post.

And in case you aren't up to date on the other big controversy, click here for the latest in the DCFD logo dispute.

Video, pictures & fireground audio from an automatic fire alarm: Interesting compilation from Edgewood, Maryland (Harford County) where the first units, dispatched for an AFA, found a good deal of fire.

Domestic shootout leaves Martin County, FL lieutenant in critical condition: Firegeezer has the details of Lt. John Richardson Jr. being in a gun battle with his brother-in-law. The brother-in-law, who is a former cop, and Richardson's wife were killed. Richardson and others were helping Richardson's sister move out when the shootings occurred.

Businesses burn in Newburgh, New York: Raw video as fire runs the roof of a commercial strip on Friday.

Fire chief & sheriff's deputy under investigation for coverup: Curt Varone's FireLawBlog.com has an interesting story from West Virginia where the off duty deputy, who is a volunteer firefighter, is accused of falsely claiming he was driving a vehicle to coverup for an accident by the chief where alcohol may have been a factor.

Short staffing but quick work at a house fire: Raw video from Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

Free download of firefighting book: Click here to get all chapters of Barry Greer's PipeNozzle: Firefighting Prose You Can Read. Learn more about Barry and his writing at PipeNozzle.com.

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