UPDATE: Remarkable must see video: Rescuers scale wall, grab child, & drop the kid from burning apartment to people below.

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UPDATE: We have traced the video above to the Russian video website noted on the lower left and determined it was posted on December 24, 2011. Still no details on where it occurred. There is also a slightly better quality version on the site that you can find here.

Sorry if you have seen this one before, but I had not and there is not much detail. The information with this video is in Spanish and the best I can tell these are two firefighters (if they aren't, they should be) scaling the outside of the building. One of them goes into the window where smoke is pouring from, appears to grab a child, and drops the kid to the people below (listen to the cheers). At first I thought they had a pompier ladder, but after watching it full screen, they clearly climb the last floor or so Spiderman style. I have no clue whether this video is old or new or where this fire occurred. But it sure is something to watch. Readers please fill me in.

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