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Fireground audio: Mayday in Toronto after firefighter falls through floor of burning storage facility. Five-alarm fire burns overnight.

The fire began at 6:15 AM Monday and the mayday occurred around 2:30 PM. The mayday is on the audio above at 10:09, followed by transmissions from the firefighter trying to get out of the building after he fell from the third floor to the second.

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Video report on fire

From Global News (video with this link has comments from firefighter who fell through floor):

Fire crews were still trying to put out hot spots late Monday after knocking down a four-alarm fire at a public storage facility in west-end Toronto. Most of the fire had been contained by afternoon, officials said, but some small areas were still burning.

Firefighter walks from building after falling from third to second floor.

A firefighter inside the building fell from the third floor to the second, resulting in a "mayday" call being made and a rapid intervention team being deployed. Fire officials later said the unidentified fireman was OK and was able to walk out of the building under his own.

Click here for video from The Glode and Mail.

From CityTV.com:

Firefighters continue to douse a stubborn blaze at a storage facility in the Junction and evacuation orders remain in effect Tuesday for some nearby homes and an elementary school.

The flames erupted at the Save and Secure self-storage facility at the corner of Pelham Avenue and Osler Street—near Dundas and Dupont—around 6:15 a.m. Monday and escalated to a five-alarm fire as the morning wore on.

Firefighters have met with several challenges during the response, including concerns of the possible collapse of the four-storey building—crews evacuated once Monday morning and again later in the day after a firefighter fell between the second and third floors when concrete crumbled due to the intense heat.

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