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Remember Dustin Anderson, the man caught on video slapping a Vancouver firefighter during Stanely Cup melee? He's finally been charged with rioting & assault.

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Make sure you check out the Arrest Dustin Anderson Facebook group

This story from last June should have made my 2011 year end review and won a STATty for the biggest loser caught on video. We featured Dustin Anderson's confrontation with a Vancouver firefighter during the rioting that occurred after the Canucks were defeated in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Anderson was interviewed by CBC News after the video developed quite an audience and said:

"I went to him for help because I had been pepper sprayed. He told me to go home… He was trying to get in my face."

Anderson will now have the opportunity to tell his story to the judge after being charged with hitting the firefighter.

Dustin Anderson also told CBC News in June that he felt "horrible" and that he can't leave his home "because everybody recognizes me". The charges are bringing a new round of publicity for Anderson which may help everyone by keeping the man home bound again. Make sure you check out the Arrest Dustin Anderson Facebook group for more on this upstanding citizen.


21-year-old Dustin Anderson of Burnaby is facing charges of participating in a riot and assault.

Anderson was the target of intense anger on social media after a video of him allegedly assaulting a Vancouver firefighter surfaced.

A Facebook group entitled “Arrest Dustin Anderson” has over 2,300 members.

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