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Social Media: Fire chiefs, police chiefs & all emergency managers pay attention to what this man is saying.

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The video above was produced by my friends Bill Boyd and Gerald Baron from Bellingham, Washington. I've mentioned both of them many times on They are among the smartest people out there who are trying to figure out how to handle social media at the time of a crisis or major emergency. You can read their blogs and more about Bill, here and Gerald, here

Pay close attention to the man on the screen. He knows what he speaks of. 

Here's what Gerald wrote about this video:

The core message is simple–today with social media spreading info and mis-info at the speed of light "you can't be fast enough" in getting correct information out. Excuse the production quality–I'm still learning–but I think this is a valuable contribution to the on-going discussion and education effort on this topic that is very important. I hope that every communicator who sees this passes it on to every fire chief, police chief, emergency management executive, Incident Commander and elected official they know. And if you are a chief or in emergency management, send this around to your team to help everyone get on the same page. 

Some of you may wish to have a copy of the video to download so you can run it from your system rather than on the internet. I'd be happy to accommodate that. You can request it at [email protected] or give me a call at 360-303-9123.

Also, Bill and I are working on some additional training videos and manuals so if you want to be alerted to the availability of these, you can register for updates at

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