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For second time in 12 days Omaha, Nebraska firefighter saves a life. In both cases he was off duty.

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On January 9 Omaha Fire Department Firefighter Phil Lopez was on TV talking about saving the life of man whose house was on fire the day before. Yesterday Lopez was back on TV, being interviewed about saving another life. In both cases the firefighter was off duty.

The latest incident occurred Tuesday at Grandmother's Restaurant where Lopez was dining with his family. He noticed a woman having difficulty breathing and kept his eye on her. Here's more from KETV:

Moments later, the woman, Erin Byrne, walked away from her table choking. Lopez followed her.

"I heard this man's voice from behind me, and he said, 'Ma'am, are you choking?'" Byrne said.

"I went over and administered the Heimlich, gave her about five good abdominal thrusts and it came out," Lopez said.

"I really do feel like he is my hero," Byrne said.

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