A career-volunteer battle in The Bronx. Aviation VFD says it will defy FDNY & continue responding despite arrest threat.

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Chief Romeo Toro has told the New York Daily News the Aviation Volunteer Fire Department will continue to respond to jobs in and near the Classon Point neighborhood of The Bronx, despite the possibility of arrest. AVFD, which has been around since 1923, has had financial problems in the past and only recently began operating again.

FDNY told Aviation to butt out after a confrontation at a bus accident on the Brunkner Expressway last Thursday. NYPD ended up detaining the chief and one of his lieutenants for 25 minutes.

Despite a very clear letter from FDNY Commissioner Salvatore Cassano Chief Toro told the Daily News, "Yes, we will risk arrest". The chief says he will only listen to an order from the mayor or the Office of Prevention and Control.

More from John Doyle's article in the New York Daily News:

“We hereby demand that AVFD immediately cease its operations and discontinue making any representations that AVFD is authorized by the City of New York or the FDNY to provide emergency medical and firefighting services,” he (Cassano) wrote.

The volunteers are “operating without the proper training, equipment and authorizations” and are endangering the public and city firefighters, Cassano added.

“The FDNY has advised its field personnel to prohibit AVFD from operating and to contact law enforcement if necessary,” he wrote.

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