Helmet-cam & fireground audio: Attached garage fire in Mechanicsville, Maryland.

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Fireground audio from ScanMD.org (other audio & stories from ScanMD.org)

More pictures at Mechanicsville VFD website

This is helmet-cam video of a garage fire on Sunday afternoon in Mechanicsville, Maryland (St. Mary's County). Here are some details from Firefighter/EMT Ryan Raley on the Mechanicsville VFD website:

At 1716 hours, Engine Companies 2, 22, 5, 1, Charles 2, Truck 1, EMS Stations 29, and Charles 2 were alerted to 26616 Lawrence Adams Drive for the reported garage fire. Chief 2B(Bellevou) arrived first, moments after dispatch and advised he had a two story split level house, with an attached garage fully involved with extension into the basement and attic.

Engine 23(Lt. Colvin) arrived four minutes after dispatch, laying out the 4" LDH from the hydrant. The crew forced the front door, as no one was home, and advanced a 1.75" crosslay to the basement. Once in the basement, crews found the fire to be rolling out from the garage access and forced that door as well.

Firefighters extinguished the fire that was impeading on the basement then relocated the attack line to the second floor and extinguished the bulk of the fire on the second floor.

Engine 24(FF Copsey) arrived and assisted Engine 23 by advancing a second handline thus bringing the fire under control in ten minutes. Rescue Squad 2(Capt. Barnes) arrived completed searches and opened up.

With the fire under control, Command scaled the incident back and held the units from Station 2 and Engine 54 for short time.

One firefighter sustained a minor injury and was taken to St. Mary's Hospital.

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