Quick Takes: February 27, 2012.

What's the opposite of stop, drop and roll?: The answer … these idiots.

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Breaking news: There is a report of an active shooter a shooting incident at Chardon High School in Chardon, Ohio east of Cleveland. Multiple injuries have been reported with a number of medical helicopters dispatched to the scene. Cleveland.com is reporting injuries to at least four students. The school superintendant says that one person is in custody, believed to be the lone gunman. You can listen to the audio from police, fire & EMS here. More news coverage can be found here.

Recovery progress for PGFD firefighters & first interviews with firefighters who were in the house: Since Friday night's fire on 57th Avenue we have been providing updates on the progress of the seven injured firefighters. Bladensburg VFD's Kevin O'Toole and Ethan Sorrell are still in the burn unit. Make sure you see the latest post with the picture of the two from a brief visit they had with each other yesterday. And to the right is a thank you to everyone from Firefighter Sorrell. In addition, there are interviews with their parents (both dads are firefighters) and Riverdale's Michael McClary's mother. We added a video (the top one) from WUSA9.com with Michael McClary and Lt. Michael Naples of Riverdale talking about the fire. You also find links to the audio and our earlier posts. Click here.

Audio from another PGFD fire with two rescued: On Sunday, firefighters grabbed two from an apartment fire in the 600 block of Sheridan Street in Chillum. ScanMD.org has the audio for us. PGFD's Mark Brady has the details. NOTE – Now have the correct link for the audio.

The ultimate WTF: I am not sure I have ever seen a story quite like this one. A fire department in India was teaching fire safety by having a woman escape from a factory on a rope. It ended tragically. Here's the story. And the update with the news of four fire officers suspended.

Did you see this one yet?: The fire department helicopter that vibrated apart in Brazil.

Preventing an explosion: Glenn Usdin's FireTruckBlog.com looks at how one Pennsylvania fire company dealt with a fire in a dust bin. Click here.

House fire in Lehigh Acres, Florida: Hear what John Wayne has to say about this fire. I kid you not.

The volunteer chief versus the career captain. A must read from Roanoke and vicinity: I don't know if I should laugh or cry after reading IronFiremen.com's Willie Wines' account of his beef with Billie Joe Carter the chief of the Buchanan VFD. Chief Carter is somewhat resistant to Botetourt County providing oversight of the fire service. The chief told the local news media "if an emergency services director assumes control of a scene 'there are going to be a lot of hurt feelings and busted noses.'" Willie thinks that's quite ridiculous and calls the chief out on this and a few other things. Make sure you get to the end of the post and note how Willie describes himself in case anyone was hoping to meet Captain Willie face to face. Here it all is.

From Canada to Florida, WaterlooRegionFire.com has this story covered: Check out the story of the vacationing firefighter from Canada who makes a rescue in Ft. Myers, Florida. WaterlooRegionFire.com has all the details and links about Kitchener Fire Department Firefighter Nick Dorken coming upon a burning car. Click here.

Boat rescue in a shopping center: Firegeezer Bill Schumm has the story of a couple who became trapped by a boat thanks to a runaway pickup truck. Check it out.

Saturday night with the Hyattsville crew: Mr. and Mrs. STATter911.com were invited to the annual awards banquet for the Hyattsville VFD and Hyattsville Police Department in Maryland. But they made us talk for our supper. Congratulations to all of the award winners. Thanks for having us. Read more.

THE Fire Critic and STATter911 together again for the first time: Apparently due to someone with a warped sense of humor I ended up on the same bill with THE Fire Critic at the Ohio Fire & Emergency Services Foundation's 2012 Leadership Conference. And they are making us travel together (please let there be separate rooms). Should be interesting. Join us in Newark, Ohio for May 23 & 24.Click here to sign up.

The past and the future for San Francisco's wooden ladders: Among the first group of stories published on FireTruckBlog.com when it began in November, 2010, was a video taking you inside the San Francisco Fire Department's ladder shop. Recently the Los Angeles Times looked inside the shop and also tried to figure out the future with the pending retirement of some key players who make the magic happen. Check it out. You will enjoy it.

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