Colby, Wisconsin Lt. Jamison Kampmeyer killed in roof collapse at Abbotsford theater. Was also deputy sheriff.

NOTE: There apparently have been some issues with the release of the name of the firefighter killed when a theater roof collapsed in Abbotsford, Wisconsin on Sunday. According to news reports, this morning, before the name was officially released, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker posted condolences to Jamison Kampmeyer's family  via social media. Some news organizations used that as confirmation, though later in the day Governor Walker's post had been removed. We decided to wait until there was official confirmation, which WEAU-TV reports has now occurred.

We now know the name of the firefighter who died in a devastating fire in Clark County.

The Marathon County Administrator's Office says Jamison Kampmeyer died. He worked for the Marathon County Sheriff's Department since April, 2004. He has three kids, the youngest being 4-months-old.

Authorities have not yet released the name however Governor Scott Walker sent out his condolences over social media to the family of Marathon County Deputy Sheriff Jamison Kampmeyer Monday morning. Around 8:00 a.m., the Governor wrote "Our prayers are with family of Marathon Co Deputy Sheriff Jamison Kampmeyer who died as a volunteer fire fighter."

A firefighter who died Sunday during a fire in Abbotsford was also a Marathon County Sheriff’s Deputy, and had been with the department since 2004. Jamison Kampmeyer died while fighting a fire at the Abby Theatre in Abbotsford. Three other firefighters were also injured when the structure’s roof collapsed.

The County has not released the man’s name; however Gov. Scott Walker posted condolences to the man’s family this morning on Facebook.

Click here for Facebook page set up to honor Jamison Kampmeyer.