Quick Takes: March 4, 2012.

Cop shoots at & stabs two firefighters: A very strange incident just before dawn yesterday morning on the Eastern Shore of Virginia in Accomack County. Atlantic Volunteer Fire Company responded to a car into a tree along Route 13. Firefighters were helping the driver of the vehicle, described as off-duty Virginia Beach Police Department Officer Bradley Colas, when Colas became combative. Here's what WAVY-TV reports happened next – "Police say Colas began to fight with the firefighters and stabbed two of them during the altercation.The firefighters then fought back, striking Colas in the head, according to a state police spokeswoman. Police say Colas then pulled out a firearm and began shooting at the firefighters." A Virginia State trooper picked up Colas who had walked from the scene with gun in hand.

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Wisconsin firefighter killed in collapse at theater fire: The firefighter from the Colby Fire Department died while fighting a fire in a more than 60-year-old theater in Abbotsford. Three other firefighters were treated and released. Video and more details.

Dash-cam video from Milton, KY chief who lost station to tornado: We have been running video from Chief Jason Long of Milton Fire & Rescue since 2008. We have have posted extensive video from Chief Long's vehicle taken during Friday's tornado outbreak that destroyed Milton Fire Station 2. Click here. In addition we have our initial coverage which includes more radio traffic. Click here.

Firefighter's dad killed in tornado: The Secret List reports that Loveland-Symmes Fire Department Firefighter/Paramedic Bill Adkins lost his 58 year old father (also named Bill) on Friday when a tornado came thru the southeastern area of Clermont County, Ohio. You can read more here

This man does not like the fire departments in and around Enfield, CT: There was lots of pre-arrival video when a fire in a sawdust building broke out last week. We posted much of it. But only one clip has the narration from someone who finds fault with most of what firefighters were doing and the timeliness of their response. Don't take my word for it, listen for yourself.

Pre-pre-arrival video – Camera catches fire across from fire station as it starts: An interesting video and story from Ogden, Utah that shows the very early stages of a house fire that occurred in sight of the complex where the police department, 911 center and fire department are located. Check it out.

Maryland collector featured on FireTruckBlog.com: Check out Glenn Usdin's Antique of the Week that features a video tour of a number of old rigs owned by the Connell family. Click here.

I was told my blog can't be in the Fire Blog of the Year contest: That Fire Critter guy has his 30th annual Fire & EMS Blog of the Year underway. Rhett Fleitz started this contest back when he invented the fire service Internet while still in high school (oh, that's right, he still is in 11th grade). In a previous contest I threw my support to Bill Schumm (not that it helped any). I still believe Firegeezer is the best all-around fire AND EMS blog out there. It is coming up on its fifth anniversary very soon (and we are just a month or so behind Geezer). I am also partial to FireTruckBlog.com for apparatus news (my choice last year). This year either Rhett or Preston Fleitz (whichever one is taller, I can't keep them straight) told me because I am not a firefighter, STATter911.com is not considered a "Fire Blog" and can't be in the contest. I don't see that written in the official rules. Either way, make sure you nominate your favorite fire blog and when balloting begins, vote early and often. Here's the link.

I mean what woman wouldn't love a date like this: This is what makes Firegeezer.com so great. Bill has the story from Australia about the couple who get a babysitter and go out for dinner and drinks. And then they top the evening off with some arson. Make sure you read this one.

House fire in South Whitehall, PA: Video from Bill Rohrer at Newsworking.

Firefighter accused of selling fake tickets to see Mickey and the gang: A Polk County firefighter was arrested twice, accused of selling fake tickets to Disney World on Craigslist. Read more.

Video from confrontation over FDNY test prep class: A dispute continues over the entry test preparation class put on by the Vulcan Society. Here's the latest.

Do your have your Courage for Kyle Bracelet yet?: We have ours. In fact, three of them. We know that STATter911.com reader, Bob Burdick, who is assistant chief at the Meriden Fire Department in Connecticut has his on his helmet (check out the picture to the right). The Barnegat Fire Company in New Jersey is selling the Courage for Kyle Bracelets. Kyle, the 11-year-old son of Firefighter Gene McGetrick, has been battling cancer for seven years. We first became aware of Kyle in December when there was an impromptu fire truck parade in front of his house. Firefighters from around the world have sent messages and patches to Kyle after Glenn Usdin's FireTruckBlog.com ran the story of the parade. Click here to buy a bracelet. The money goes to the Courage for Kyle Foundation.

A Pennsylvania trip for STATter911 this week: If you are attending the South Central Task Force's Homeland Security Conference 2012 in Harrisburg please stop by one or both of my sessions on Wednesday afternoon. We will be talking about how to handle the bad news and being a PIO in the digital age. 

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Pre-arrival video at Sacramento, CA house fire: A 21-year-old Natomas man was arrested after his parents' home burned on Saturday evening. A neighbor shot video of the fire before firefighters arrived. Here are details about the charges accusing the son of setting the fire.