Surveillance video: Pittsburgh deputy chief in bar fight. Public safety director describes pattern of anger management issues & says chief shouldn't have been promoted.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Public Safety Director Michael Huss is speaking very bluntly about Deputy Chief Michael Mullen, a 37-year veteran of the fire department, who was captured on surveillance video in a bar fight.

No “it’s under investigation” or “we can’t talk about it, it’s a personnel matter” for Huss. Huss told KDKA-TV reporter Marty Griffin that Michael Mullen should not be a deputy chief.

“It’s a big problem and it’s not the example we expect, it’s very embarrassing to the city and to the fire bureau and it’s something ….,” Public Safety Director Michael Huss said. “He’s had issues in the past and we tried to prevent him from being promoted, but the courts told us we had to promote him.”

“In retrospect, I wish the courts hadn’t done that,” Huss added.

Huss, angered by the video, said Mullen is a 37-year veteran of the department and that Mullen has been punished several times in the past for anger-related incidents.

Huss says, at the moment, Deputy Chief Mullen is still on full duty.

Watch the report which includes the video from Finn McCools on Pittsburgh’s South Side.

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