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You will have seen it all once you have seen this video. Minnesota firefighters fight fire in drag.

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UPDATE: I held off as long as I could expecting that one of our readers would say this, but alas, they haven’t. My initial thought on seeing the video was that a great injustice has been done in this country. I came out squarely against it when it happened in my back yard because I thought it meant nothing to the citizens and was bad branding, but in this case from Minnesota I would have to reconsider my position. So all I can say at this point is how sad it is that the acronym FEMS is already being used by a department.

I might as well close up shop after this one. I am not sure we will ever top this video. It comes from Central Minnesota and happened on Saturday morning as firefighters were gathered for the Padua Parade. The firefighters sprang into action when the engine of a truck caught fire. No PPE for this crew, just the dresses the two men were wearing. Yes, I said dresses. You got a problem with that?

More from WCCO-TV:

John Egan, the Sauk Centre Fire Chief, said the firefighters in drag were members of the Sedan Fire Department. They were participating in the parade when a truck engine caught fire nearby.

Egan said the fire spread to another truck and that the firefighters ran to put it out.

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