Video: Responding & fighting fires driver only in Security, Colorado.

Security Fire Department Firefighter Zach Haslett, all by himself, putting it in pump gear, running the line & breaking down the fence to get to a fire on the rear deck of the house. Click here for the video

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Responding driver only is something I am very familiar with from my days in Prince George’s County, Maryland long ago. And I know it still happens in many places around the country (PGFD stopped that practice a while back). But is it something the general public knows and understands?

KRDO-TV shot video from a fire on Saturday in Security, Colorado (El Paso County) that shows Firefighter Zach Haslett of the Security Fire Department doing just that, responding to a fire on the deck of a house by himself and handling the initial attack. This has the TV station looking at a staffing policy for the department that has been the same for more than two decades.


“As I pulled up, I set the park brake, primed the pump, got out. put it in pump gear, dragged my line, and broke the fence to get to the fire,” said Firefighter Zach Haslett of the Security Fire Department.

Lives are at risk as they wait for support. One firefighter cannot save two victims at the same time.  “I am going to go in and drag one person, and then I will go in and drag the next one.. That is sort of what wer’re stuck with,” said Firefighter Haslett.

With 9 firetrucks and only 14 firefighters, the department depends on volunteers for support. However, at this time the Security Fire Department only has 25 volunteers. 

“In today’s economy, it’s been tough to have these guys show up on certain things. They can only show up for certain things.They can only go certain times of the day,” said Captain (J.T.) Marrs.

With the shortage of volunteers, the Security Fire Department is hoping to get a budget increase to allow two firefighters per rig.

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