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Now for the rest of the story: CNN & others take us behind the scenes of the dress wearing firefighters from Minnesota. Meet the firefighters & learn who they were wearing.

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Previous coverage of this story

Okay, I have been had. And I must admit when I am wrong. On Sunday, after STATter911.com was the first to bring you the story of the Minnesota firefighters in dresses fighting a vehicle fire, someone posted a comment that the firefighters were actually a pair of fellow fire service bloggers from Roanoke apparently out on a road trip (we will keep their real names out of it, now that we know it isn’t true). I didn’t believe it for a second. We know for a fact that one of those guys is a petite and from what I saw in the video neither one was a petite.

But I thought I was proven wrong when the picture below was sent anonymously to me. It looked legit and it clearly showed Fireboy from Roanoke, AKA the Fire Critic (again, no real names), backing up the guy with the pipe. In a rash move, I posted the picture on Facebook. For that, I sincerely apologize, because it turns out this was a doctored photo. Who knew? It looked real to me.

It took the wonderful Jeanne Moos from CNN to set me straight. She uncovered the real story and discovered that there were more than just two firefighters in drag. Please watch her story above and an in-person interview with the two firefighters below.

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