UPDATE – Chief resigns: Alcohol troubles again for Carlisle, Iowa chief. Latest off-duty incident follows previous on-duty EMS response.

Above is the story from May of 2010.

May 2010  coverage including police report

Carlisle Fire Department website

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The Carlisle Fire Chief submitted his resignation letter Monday afternoon. This comes after a run in with the police on Saturday night.

In 2009, police say Burger was drunk when he responded to a call to help a diabetic woman. He was suspended for 6 months in 2010, but petitioned to get the job back.

We contacted Burger for comment, but could not reach him. Assistant Fire Chief Galindo was serving a suspension before he was charged with a DUI this weekend. The city council won’t comment on what the suspension was for because it’s a personnel issue.


In Carlisle, Iowa Saturday night Fire Chief Scott Burger and Firefighter Roy Galindo, who is a former assistant chief, were arrested on alcohol related charges. This apparently did not occur in a fire department vehicle. Galindo, who was driving, is charged with operating while intoxicated, excessive speeding and having an open container of alcohol in a vehicle. Chief Burger was only charged with the open container violation.

Not the biggest of stories to bring you. In fact, we rarely mention off-duty alcohol infractions. But this one has an interesting twist. We had shared with you a previous story about Chief Burger and alcohol that happened on duty. Something that the Des Moines Register’s Kevin Kirkpatrick made note of in an article today:

Burger served a six-month suspension without pay from the fire department in 2010, following an April 2009 incident where he allegedly showed up intoxicated to an emergency call to help a woman who was having a severe diabetic reaction. Burger also served a yearlong suspension from the city’s emergency medical service; he was however allowed to be an ambulance driver for the department during his suspension. 

As part of the suspension, the Carlisle City Council required Burger to undergo a chemical dependency evaluation and comply with its findings and to complete a chemical dependence awareness program. 

According to council documents, Burger successfully completed these requirements and successfully petitioned the council for reinstatement to the city’s fire department and EMS in November 2010.

The City Administrator told Kirkpatrick disciplinary actions for the men could be a topic at a City Council meeting tonight.

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