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Must see video: Atlanta mud rescue. Firefighter falls trying to free man drowning in mud.

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Atlanta Fire Rescue spent part of Saturday rescuing a man who was drowning in mud at a construction site. One of the firefighters involved in the rescue also became briefly trapped.


It happened as the man was walking along Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway around 8 a.m.

He walked across a muddy area near a bridge and then sank into the mud and became totally submerged.

Firefighters used a ladder to help pull the man from the mud.


(Battaltion Chief David) Dore described the Saturday event as a choreographed tornado of activity, after someone walking by happened to look down and saw a muddy arm move over the sea of mud.

Rescuers made a floating, plywood bridge to him, authorities said.  While one group of firefighters rigged up ropes, another group made a floating catwalk to him.

“At one time, his face went under and the Grady medic was able to get his face up and actually scoop the mud out of his mouth,” Rhodes recalled about the dangerous mission. “We also had a firefighter stuck trying to get him that we thought we were going to have to get, and a Grady medic partially stuck here.”

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