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Trust me, you probably have never seen a response to a fire quite like this one.

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This is truly an amazing video. It has some of the elements of a Hollywood car chase scene. In fact, it reminds a bit of the famous chase scene from The French Connection. Okay, that may be going a little far, but it is probably among the best (or worst) fire chase videos I’ve seen.

I don’t know if it’s a home response or this is an official fire department vehicle in Quezon City (the former capital and the most populous city in the Philippines). It is video from the helmet of a firefighter riding on the back of a motor bike operated by another firefighter as they race together to a fire on Wednesday. Admittedly not just any fire, but one that took out 200 homes and left 500 families homeless (click here to read more).

To be a firefighter in Quezon City it appears you need a unique set of driving skills that uses elements of both defensive and offensive driving, a loud voice, one handed driving (the other used for directing traffic) and a hell of a lot of luck. And I guess you must have something sizable between your legs besides the motor bike.

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