Update to must see video: Dearborn, Michigan firefighters talk about their extemely close call on the roof of burning Fordson Cleaners.

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The three Dearborn firefighters on the roof of the Fordson Cleaners Thursday evening who had an extrememly close call captured on video and seen around the world are Lt. Steven Bucholz (in the red helmet), Firefighter Mark Farrell (who was pulled to safety by the others) and Firefighter Joe Murray. They told reporters today they didn’t realize how close it was until they saw the video on the news. Watch the interview above and here are some quotes from the story by Julie Banovic at WXYZ-TV:

“As soon as I felt it going I just reached for that wall,” said Mark Farrell.  Mark Farrell is the Dearborn firefighter sliding toward a hole of fire who narrowly escaped being burned alive.

“Thank God for both of these guys,“ said Farrell.

“I didn’t really know how bad it really was.  We all came off the roof and went back to work,” said Farrell.

“Oh man, I was closer to the hole than I thought it was.  And it wasn’t until I saw the video that I realized that,” said Farrell.

“It really opened our eyes how lucky we got,” said Joe Murray.


Firefighter Mark Farrell did not tell his wife what happened until she saw him on the news.

“I didn’t really realize the helicopter was up there. (My wife) saw it later on in the night. I caught some flack for it later,” the year firefighter said laughing. 

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