Memphis Fire Department lieutenant shares audio recording he says proves deputy chief assaulted him. Claims cover-up.

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Memphis Fire Department Lieutenant Reginald Davis and his lawyer Brenda Oats-Williams told WPTY-TV that an audio recording of a confrontation last June between Lt. Davis and Deputy Chief Daryl Payton shows the department is covering up what really happened.

The TV station reported last year, shortly after the incident occurred, that Davis told police he was physically assaulted when he confronted Chief Payton about a lack of specialized training for firefighters assigned to the airport fire station. It was Davis who was suspended because of the incident. According to the TV station, Chief Payton was not disciplined and the department has said the investigation of the incident is over.

Attorney Oats-Williams says that the meeting quickly turned into a shouting match and that Davis tried to leave, but Chief Payton wouldn’t let him.  Here’s more from WPTY-TV’s story by Mike Matthews:

The entire incident had been one man’s word versus another. That was until last week, when Brenda Oats-Williams says they got a chance to listen to tape recorded conversations made at fire headquarters that day.

“Get your hands off of me!”

“Now what you hear on this tape is Lieutenant Davis trying to call, and fight off Chief Payton at the same time. He’s trying to snatch the phone and Lt. Davis was trying to keep him from taking the phone. That’s when you hear Lt. Davis say, ‘Get off of me, get off of me,'” Oat-Williams said.

We did not hear any actual fighting, but Davis has said he was thrown to the floor where he suffered a sprained wrist and a broken finger.

Read WPTY-TV’s entire story.

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Above is the story WPTY-TV did last June shortly after the incident occurred.