Quick thinking by firefighters is good news for PA woman. Cutting through wall of burning Hummelstown home became most direct route to victim.

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Matt Miles at CentralPABravest.com sends along this interesting rescue from this morning in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania. Matt sees it as a couple of firefighters thinking outside the box during a fire and a woman brought to safety because of it. Here’s what Matt wrote:

This morning at 0730 while operating on a structure fire with one trapped at 103 East Main Street in Hummelstown – Dauphin County, PA a team of two Fireman; Cory Allwein and Duane Wood encountered heavy fire in the stairwell on side Charlie of a taxpayer. The crew of two knew they had to gain entry for rescue quickly. They then threw a ground ladder to the roof, made their way to a point where they thought they might be passed the burning stairs and opened a hole in the exterior wall with a vent saw to make access! 

From CentralPABravest.com.

Once the crew made their way through the hole they encountered high heat and heavy smoke. They pushed down a hallway and made access to the PTs apartment. Once inside they heard her screaming and found her lying on the floor in heavy smoke banked down to the floor. The two man crew then guided the woman back the way they came to the safety of the roof. The woman was then assisted down the ladder to awaiting EMS!

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