The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers of Réndøosîa take up firefighting. Don't they look familiar?

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We have been covering such bad news of late, I thought we all needed a diversion. Above are The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers.

This is how I envision my road trip to the Ohio Fire & Emergency Services Foundation’s 2012 Leadership Conference in May with Iron Firemen’s Willie Wines and THE Fire Critic Rhett Fleitz (I am sure we will get into some kind of trouble). Join us at the Cherry Valley Lodge in Newark, Ohio for the presentation from Rhett and me titled Effective Communications in the Digital Age (click here to sign up). Among the topics will be image building and reputation management in the social media era when all of your hard work can be destroyed at the speed of light (like what I am doing now with this post … do as I say, not as I do).

I figure Rhett is the little one, Willie is the skinny one and I’m the … well you know, I’ve been losing weight.

From left to right, Dave, little Rhett and Willie.

Here’s how Wikipedia describes this trio:

The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers is a 2D Flash animation series for television. It was commissioned by CITV and Cartoon Network in the UK, YTV and VRAK.TV in Canada and is a co-production between UK studio Pesky and Studio B in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Travelling showmen hailing from the mysterious land of Réndøosîa (a fictional Eastern European country that experiences an unusually high rate of natural disasters), the three Adrenalini brothers (Xan, Enk and Adi) eat, sleep and breathe danger. They tour around the world staging ridiculously hazardous stunts, not so much to make a living as because they enjoy the adrenaline rush. In their travels, the Adrenalinis have visited many countries in the world, and even many periods in history (and, in some cases, fiction).

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