It happens. But it's not often that it's caught on video.

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There are probably few out there who have not been in a similar situation, riding down the road dragging hose behind you. Often the whole bed has dumped on a roadway. In this case, the crew on Rescue 25 from Jessup Hose Company #2 in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania seems to be lucky not having to pick up a lot of hose (as long as it stayed on the rest of the trip). But unlucky that someone happened to be shooting their response. Another example of what few used to know about now ends up on YouTube.

I only recall doing it once when I was driving and it had a lucky twist. Responding to a report of a first due apartment fire there was a hydrant just past the building so there was no need to lay out. When we pulled up and I got out of the pumper I saw supply line out behind us which, at first, puzzled me. It was only a couple hundred feet that had come off when I took a speed bump in the complex a little too fast. The great thing about it is it I could see the layout section dropped right at the hydrant just before us. Nice planning of placing the bumps by the plugs (maybe it was Prince George’s County code compensating for our speedy driving). Acting like nothing happened, I just got on the radio and told the second due engine where to pick it up.

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