Arrival video & fireground audio: West Baltimore rowhouse fire.

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Still pictures from recon2photo

Video, still pictures and fireground audio from yesterday’s fire at 908 N. Carey Street in Baltimore, Maryland. Engine 8 and Truck 10 were first on the scene coming from quarters two blocks away. The videographer makes note that Truck 10 is one of the companies scheduled for closing on July 1. Here is part of the description of the fire from the website for Engine 8 and Truck 10:

Engine 8 ran into a little snag when their pumps malfunctioned.  With the fire being fueled by winds it spread quickly up the interior stairwell to the upper floors.   With a lack of water units were forced to stand fast at the front door until they got water.  Eventually crews were able to enter the dwelling and fully extinguish the fire. 

The video is from FFNick07 at YouTube.

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