San Bernardino helmet-cams: The people & the stories behind the videos.

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The City of San Bernardino Fire Department seems to have a rather progressive attitude about the idea of firefighters shooting video on the job. We first noticed it with Battalion Chief Mike Alder’s series of videos “Inside the Command Post” that we used to bring you (here & here).

More recently we have discovered helmet-cam videos from San Bernardino. One we posted a month ago, showing firefighters finding a man inside his burning home and attempting to revive him, has more than 90,000 views. The most recent video we posted shows vertical ventilation at a house fire.

KTLA-TV, intrigued by the idea of helmet-cams, talks to three San Bernardino firefighters who are wearing the camera.

What is interesting is that in the past week alone I have been may aware of three different departments that either had helmet-cam videos shot by firefighters ordered removed from YouTube, banned helmet-cams and/or are struggling to come up with procedures for firefighters using helmet-cams. Obviously San Bernardino has a different view on this.

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