Did you hear the one about the cat, the Doritos bag, the utililty pole & the firefighters? It really happened in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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Which came first the climb to the top of the pole or the bag? No one seems to know for sure just how a cat ended up on the top of a pole in St. Petersburg, Florida on Tuesday with a Doritos bag on its head. Lt. Ron Kidwell of St. Petersburg Fire Rescue & Station 1 and a newly hired firefighter, Kelly Blake, dealt more with how to get it down rather than worrying how it got there.

Kameel Stanley, Tampa Bay Times:

“That cat was just shaking,” Kidwell said. “It had no idea what was going on.”

As the animal teetered, Blake reached out with gloved hands.

The cat squirmed. The red Doritos bag went flying.

It was about 20 feet to the ground, but the cat landed on its feet, Kidwell said.

It was last seen running behind a nearby house.

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