Firefighter vs police: Arkansas volunteer arrested after meeting off duty cop on the road. Flashing lights & speed are at issue.

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An off-duty police officer in a Corvette. A volunteer firefighter on his way home from hazmat training in what apparently is his POV with lights & radios. What happened between the two around 10:00 Friday night on a Bauxite, Arkansas road appears to be a he said – he said. The only other witness may be a female the firefighters says was in the cop’s car. The confrontation ended with Rockport Firefighter Westley Steinert arrested.

While the officer told KATV-TV he couldn’t comment, his boss Police Chief Ron Parsons did. Parsons believes Steinert could have killed someone, claiming the firefighter was driving 90 miles-per-hour.

Here’s part of Steinert’s story via KATV-TV:

“Very unprofessional, very unprofessional.” Westley Steinert says for about 3-miles he was followed by a driver in a Corvette riding his bumper, at times feeling chased. When the driver began flashing his high beams, Westley gave in. He says, “As a first responder I thought maybe they’re trying to get my attention for a more important reason.”

That’s when he says he pulled over and flashed his light rack, to acknowledge the driver of the Corvette.

Both men got out of their cars. Neither showed credentials. “Before I could even say hey, what’s up? What do you need? He screamed at me, you’re going to jail, I’m an off duty police officer.”

He continues, “He indicated I was impersonating a police officer because I flashed my rear deck lights at him.”

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