Virginia's Middleburg VFD says treasurer & radio personality who committed suicide embezzled a half million dollars from department. Criminal investigation ongoing.

From Middleburg VFD website

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Leesburg Today reports that at a press conference this evening in Middleburg, Virginia it was disclosed that a criminal investigation, still ongoing, has determined that close to $500,000 in funds are missing from the Middleburg Volunteer Fire Department. According to the paper’s website, a statement from attorney Ed MacMahon Jr. indicates the money was embezzled over the last three years by Paul Draisey the department’s treasurer. MacMahon is representing the fire department. Draisey committed suicide on April 16. Draisey was also a long time radio personality in Loudoun County.

The money lost includes donations and funds from both the Town of Middleburg and Loudoun County.

From Leesburg Today’s Erika Jacobson Moore:

The county government will be conducting an audit of the fire department. The results of that audit will be made public at the “first available date,”  MacMahon said, but he added there is no indication when that would be.

The board of the volunteer company is hopeful that it can recoup “some, if not all, of these losses” through insurance policies that were already in place, MacMahon said.

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