Detroit reporter Charlie LeDuff at it again. Finds donated tower unused & Highland Park's mayor begging for it.

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Detroit accepts 1983 tower ladder story on man trying to donate 1983 tower ladder

WJBK-TV reporter Charlie LeDuff is back on the case of the Detroit Fire Department and says it is still in bad shape with little hope on the horizon.

At the same time, LeDuff is asking what ever happened to the big green fire truck? That’s the 1983 tower ladder that was donated to the City of Detroit by a Michigan man. The fire department sort of reluctantly accepted it back in September of last year. LeDuff discovered, despite a claim by Commissioner Donald Austin that it could be up and running in a month, the department had no intention of using it. The rig is sitting in the shop.

But LeDuff has found someone who wants that truck rather desperately. He is the mayor of nearby Highland Park whose department is in even worse shape than the Detroit Fire Department. We have been showing you videos recently of the understaffed and under equipped Highland Park Fire Department (here & here).

Here’s more from LeDuff’s story:

“I would ask the mayor of Detroit, Mayor Bing, to bring that fire truck here to Highland Park because we definitely need it,” says Mayor Deandre Windom.  “Please, please, please, please, bring the fire truck here to Highland Park.”

The mayor says he called Detroit, but nobody would call him back.

Well, Mayor Bing didn’t return my call. Deputy Commissioner Fred Wheeler didn’t return my call. I’m starting to feel like the mayor of Highland Park.

For the love of god, free the big green fire truck for the sake of somebody’s children!  

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