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Minneapolis FD Captain Paul Baumtrog helps rescue wife Kathrynne. She is also a captain who was trapped at church fire.

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There is quite an unusual story coming out of the fire over the weekend at the Walker United Methodist Church in Minneapolis. According to Randy Furst at StarTribune.com, Captain Kathrynne Baumtrog was filling in Sunday evening for a friend at Station 5 when they were dispatched to an alarm bells call at the church. Since his wife was working, Captain Paul Baumtrog had decided to take a call-back at Station 21 and his company was also dispatched to the fire.

Investigating with another firefighter Kathrynne Baumtrog says they discovered a fire that suddenly became a blowtorch that burned her and tried to get out of there.

From Randy Furst’s article:

But as she tried to exit, she missed a turn. “I was burned so bad, I couldn’t focus enough to remove my radio,” she said. “I shouted ‘Mayday.'”

Unknown to her, she said, her husband was in another crew called to the fire. He knew she was in the attic.

He said he saw the fire erupt. “It rolled over the entire ceiling space. It came directly toward the exit where most of us were standing.” He and the other firefighters retreated. “We all thought she had bailed with us.”

But when they got down a floor, they realized she was not there, and Paul and several firefighters headed upstairs to find her.

He said he found her. “We have to get out of here,” he shouted at her.

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According to the article, Paul Baumtrog was also worried about firefighters from a ladder company in the attic above the fire that somehow scrambled out on their own.

Paul Baumtrog had minor burns to his hands while Kathrynne Baumtrog was burned on her arms ears and backside. Three other firefighters were injured.

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