Quick Takes: May 29, 2012.

 Audio & video from Shreveport, LA house fire: Signal 51 Group put this together from a fire on Saturday at 3909 Baxter Street.

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Yes dear, I will be right there: Many a husband has said something just like that when his wife was looking for him. But Minneapolis FD Captain Paul Baumtrog was right there when his wife called. Kathrynne Baumtrog’s call was a little more urgent. She used the word “mayday” because she is also a captain and was trapped at a church fire Sunday night. Some tense moments as both Baumtrogs and three other firefighters were hurt following what Kathrynne Baumtrog calls a “blowtorch” coming right at them. Check out this story and the video from the fire.

Captain falls through roof at Hackensack, NJ house fireVideo from a three-alarm house fire Saturday night where Teaneck Captain Paul Kearns was hurt.

Two firefighters & 13 children are among dead in Quatar fire: Details from the tragic shopping mall fire over the weekend.

Helmet-cam video: A recent clip from a fire in Jackson, Mississippi.

Pair of fires in Gary, Indiana:  Two house fires back to back in Gary over the weekend.

The truth about the world’s smallest fire truck: No it’s not the one in Roanoke, VA that THE Fire Critic says he drives, it’s one from Canada that Glenn Usdin ran a video of last week on FireTruckBlog.com. Glenn now has the story behind the video.

Firefighter who lost leg takes first steps on the road back: Check out the story from Mifflin Township, Ohio Firefighter Anthony Torres who lost his left leg in a motorcycle cash nine weeks ago and vows to be back on the job.

Early video from LAFD thrift store fire: New video from a February fire at a commercial strip in Van Nuys, CA.

Practical joke at firehouse causes trouble: In Tennessee a Murfreesboro firefighter is in trouble after a series of events that began with placing a brown substance in a captain’s locker that ended up bringing scrutiny on the captain during an unrelated drug investigation of another firefighter. Read details here.

Closing of Best Buy means fewer firefighters: In West Dundee, Illinois the recent closing of a Best Buy store means a reduction in staffing at Station 2. Here’s the story.

Apartment fire in South Bend, Indiana: Video here and here from Friday’s fire.

Three-alarm apartment fire in Canton, Georgia: Lots of video from a fire on Friday.

Radioman outs himself: We have been dealing with the Chicago area Radioman Dave Weaver for some time providing us with fireground audio from the region. Now Dave steps into the spotlight. Firegeezer Bill Schumm has the story.

Thanks to the nice folks in Newark, Ohio: The picture at right is from dinner last week at Newark Station 1 during our visit to the Ohio Fire & Emergency Services Foundation’s 2012 Leadership Conference. THE Fire Critic (the teenager just to the left of center) and I tolerated each other long enough to provide a day long session on social media and the fire service. Willie Wines Jr, referee and Rhett’s chaperone for the trip, wrote about the event here.

Questioning the status quo: Eric Lamar is never shy about stating an opinion that may not be popular and asking the tough questions about controversial subjects in his Turn Out Blog. I don’t always agree with him but Eric always gets me thinking. In a post yesterday, Eric looks at patriotism, service to our country, the Vietnam War and motorcycles. Even if Eric’s opinion doesn’t make you happy make sure you read it to the end and the story of a confrontation between a Vietnam era veteran on a tour bus and one on a motorcycle. Click here.

The lawyer’s view of the DC disciplinary process: Curt Varone’s takes a look at the impact of the demotion of one battalion chief and the transfer of another after DC Fire & EMS Department Chief Kenneth Ellerbe’s dissatisfaction with how the pair of veteran officers handed out discipline. Check it out.

DOJ investigates Florida department over discrimination claims: One former firefighter says he was constantly called “Jew boy”, a female firefighter says they called her called “ho” and “heifer.” Part of what’s behind a Justice Department probe of the Davie Fire Department.

Chief’s car crash in Harford County, Maryland: Details and video of a collision Monday night injuring the Fallston fire chief, who was responding to a call, and four others.

Will disaster claim allow North Las Vegas to void union contracts?: Or is it just wishful thinking on the part of the political leaders in North Las Vegas? There is a proposal to use a law meant for physical disasters to help bail the city out of a fiscal one. Read more.

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Motorcycle wreck caught on camera: Somehow the guy gets up and walks away from this.

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