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Man's use of green line proves fatal. Port Ludlow, WA mobile home fire.

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We have posted a lot in recent years about green line use by homeowners, neighbors and even arriving fire chiefs. In the Paradise Bay community of Port Ludlow, Washington a mobile home caught fire Friday evening. A man living next door grabbed the green line for exposure protection and apparently had a fatal heart attack while doing so.


A 17 year-old male who was living at the home told firefighters he had put some cedar firewood into the stove on top of a few remaining embers then went outside to his car to get his cell phone, according to the PLFR press release. He had left the stove door open and sparks from the wood ignited the carpet. When the resident returned to the house, he attempted to put the fire out but by then, it had spread to the drapes and rapidly moved to the rest of the dwelling including multiple add-on structures, which were all destroyed.

Meanwhile, the owner of the house next door, concerned the blaze would get to his residence, hooked up his garden hose and began to defend the side of his house facing the burning structure.


The unidentified man hooked up his garden hose and began to water down the side of his house facing the burning structure, said Duty Chief Lonnie Reynolds of Port Ludlow Fire & Rescue.

“Moments later, the gentleman suffered a heart attack and collapsed,” Reynolds said in a written statement.Despite attempts to revive him, he died on the way to Harrison Medical Center in Bremerton, Reynolds said.

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