Must see video: Car crashes into house, or is it the other way around? Dave finds similarities to a Kansas incident.

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If the date is correct, this happened on May 30. Haven’t seen anything even similar for 73 years. That’s when a house that got caught up in a tornado fell right out of the sky onto a woman, killing her instantly. Definately DRT. All the people could see sticking out from under the house were her stockings and feet (as I recall there was something special about her footwear). I remember seeing the newsreels when I was a little kid and thought how amazing it was that a young girl and her dog from Kansas were in the house and survived the wild ride. And, unless I am imagining things, there was a Rhett Fleitz look alike (in fact a whole bunch of them) there to help the girl when she landed.

As for this poor Russian motorist hit by the house, Metro news out of the UK ran the story on Friday:

It’s likely the delivery man transporting this eco-house could have lost his  job after failing to properly secure the huge load on the back of his truck.

His poor rope-tying had devastating consequences after the lightweight house  fell onto the road and careered straight into the path of a car travelling in  the opposite direction.

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